09 March 2015

How to make sugar primroses - tutorial step by step

      In this tutorial we'd like to show you how to make the sugar primroses in just a few simple steps. These are very beautiful flowers, you can make them in many colors or just use the white ones for a better contrast in the sugar bouquets as filling flowers.
 We used the simple cutters not the plunger cutters, it's not very important what type of cutters you are using, the steps are the same.We hope you'll like this tutorial and also it will help you to get nice sugar fllower bouquets.

sugar paste primrose tutorial

You need the following:

- flower paste
- modeling tools (cutter tool, flute/vein tool, nail tool)

- modeling thin foam
- primroses cutter
- star plunger cutter
- cutting pliers
- modeling board
- others (floral wires, edible glue, a brush)

Step1. Preparing of the floral wires and the primrose bulb

First you need to cut some pieces of floral wires (we usually use 12 cm length) of thickness #26 or #28, how many to cut? depends on your design/bouquet..Bend them at one end using the cutting pliers so they will have a small hook.

    Now, you start modeling the flowers one by one, we used a combination of gum paste and flower paste (1 to 1 proportions)  and you start in the following way: make a small ball of flower paste (we made a 2.5 cm ball for the 2 cm primrose cutter, you can do this slightly larger or smaller depending on the cutter used as well) and shape it with your index fingers until it looks like it's shown below. Then grease a little the modeling board and put the paste ball there, press it gently with your fingers till it get a shape like a tiny hat :) .

With the nail modeling too (or with a modeling tool with a similar shape like a very thin cylinder) roll on well to the bottom side of the paste bulb on all the sides, try to press and roll as uniformly as possible on all the parts.

make fondant flowers primrose tutorials

Step 2. Cutting the bulb and making of the primrose

    Position the cutter (we used in this tutorial the 2 cm cutter) so that the little head is in the center of it, then cut the bulb by pressing well and slightly rotate the cutter, then just remove the excess of paste.

Now, put a little sugar on the thin modeling foam, take the bulb with the cutter tool and rub it gently on the foam so that on the bottom of the bulb it will be a little sugar (you see in sec why you do that).

Then place the modeling foam on the edge of the modeling board and put the bulb up side down on the edge of the modeling foam. With the flute/vein tool positioned on the center of every petal, through a gently pressing and slightly lateral move model every set of petals (you noticed that the petals are grouped by 2)

gum paste flower tutorial

At this stage the flower is almost done, you need to insert the floral wire and eventually the calyx later on.

Step 3. Finalizing the sugar primrose

Put the bended end of the floral wire in glue and then insert the not bended end of the floral wire through the center of the primrose and pull it on the other side till the bended end is caught well in the flower and not visible. Now let it to dry for 6-8 hours.

    This last part is optional but we'll show you in case you want to put this in practice, you can attach a small calyx at the base of the flower.
Cut some very small stars (we used the 9 mm star plunger cutter), put a little glue on the sugar star, insert the wire in the center of it and pull it till it gets to the bottom of the flower (you can turn the flower up side down as well and the tiny star comes down by itself). Then stick it with care on every edge and you got a very nice calyx in just couple minutes. :) 

flower paste primrose tutorial

And that's all! You got some beautiful sugar primroses! :)


Lovely creative cakes team