How to make fondant or sugar paste

       In this detailed tutorial I want to show you how I make the sugar paste / fondant that we use to decorate our special cakes. I hope to be helpful for you and if you have any questions or just feel like you'd like to share something with us please comment below.

Also I'll comprise here all the elements that are essential for making sugar paste with a good quality such that you'll be able to combine it with gum paste if you want to make sugar flowers.

how to make fondant

 This fondant recipe is for 1kg, so the ingredients are:
- 900 g powdered sugar
- 100 g honey (as light-colored as possible)
- 60 ml water
- 14 g gelatin
- 2 teaspoons of solid vegetable shortening (if it’s liquid put 4 teaspoons and it's good to be as white as possible, Crisco can be a good one..)

Step 1. Preparing of the gelatin and powder sugar

       First I put the gelatin to hydrate with the water for about 5 minutes. In this time I measure the needed sugar, I put in a bowl and make a hole in the middle. At this stage it's very important to have a very fine powdered sugar (if it has large/medium grains than it's necessary to sift it or buy a better one from a different manufacturer so that you'll get the best quality of the sugar paste in the end and to be able to model any kind of sugar decorations.

gelatin for sugar paste

sugar for fondant

      Once the gelatin is hydrated you'll notice on  its surface some nice white grains which look like crystals and also that all the liquid it's gone.

gelatin for sugar paste

      Next I put it at bain-marie on the smallest ring of the gas cooker (if you have an electric cooker it's even better) and set the flame to the minimum because if it's heated too much (if it's heated over 60 C degrees) it loses its properties. I blend the gelatine from time to time with a teaspoon just to make sure that the it's is melting uniformly.

After all the gelatin melted it looks like below:

gelatin after melting fondant

      Then I add the honey and the palm oil and back to bain-marie for melting  :), of course,  heated very slowly just like before. It might take about 10 minutes maybe more, depending on the temperature of the honey and oil and on the quantity as well.

honey for fondant and sugar paste

Step 2. Mixing and kneading of the sugar paste

     After it's melted I pour it in the hole of the powdered sugar just made in the step 1 and mix all the ingredients with a stainless spoon using a circular motion starting from the middle of the composition and gradually going towards edges. 

mix the sugar and honeymix how to make sugar paste

      It becomes thicker and ticker and at some point it's gona be very consistent and hard to mix it further.
Before pouring the composition on kitchen table I clean it very well, then I take some powdered sugar from the edges of the bowl and put it on the table.

knead the sugar paste

       After pouring it's very sticky and soft but you can clean your hands easily at the end. I knead it together with the left sugar from the bowl and in the end you shoulf get a paste not too soft but not too stiff, it can be slightly sticky because it's warm now after so much kneading. The consistency depends also by the liquidity of the honey (if it's too liquid then you may add some more powdered sugar at the end, max. 5-7% more). If you want to use the sugar paste/fondant for covering the cake then you can make it a\ little softer. Once you'll put in the fridge the fondant it will harden in couple of hours and it's quite recommended for a better quality of the sugarpaste to be placed for a little time in a cold place.

sugar paste ready to use

       Then I wrap it well with freshness foil and put it in a bag, take all the air out and place it in the fridge or in a cold place.

sugar paste for use

how to store the fondant

       Before using for modeling I remove it from the fridge with 2-3 hours before and put it at the room temperature (I usually have in my kitchen a temperature of 22 - 23 Celsius degrees).

In the end I'd like to mention one more essential thing, for coloring sugar paste in strong colors (red, black, brown, purple, violet,etc) you need to combine it with gum paste (I use 1/3 gum paste and 2/3 sugar paste) for keeping its properties.
Now it's ready for modeling wonderful sugar decorations . 

    Comment below if have any questions. Thank you. :)