03 March 2015

Brush Embroidery Technique on the Fondant Cake

     In this tutorial we want to show you a beautiful and simple technique called "brush embroidery". This technique can  be put in practice by anyone with just a little royal icing, a template and a thin brush. We'll show you how you can make these cute birds like these made by us on this anniversary cake.

All you need for this technique is:
- royal icing (colored or white)
- template or cutter
- paint-brush (thin and soft)
- toothpick, a tissue and a little water

Now, let's get started ..:)

Step1. Drawing around the template/cutter

We used a template for this special aniversay cake as we couldn't find a bird cutter with the dimension and shape that we wanted, we copied the template in 3 different sizes and cut out all of them, when the cake was ready we chose the size  that fitted best for our cake design, but you can choose a cutter or an embosser that suits best for your cake.

If you'll use a template like we did, after you decided which is the best size of it, you'll draw around its contour on a cardboard paper and cut out the shape with a scissors, at this stage the template is ready to be used.

Now, you make the exterior contour by drawing around the template with a toothpick, and then the interior lines, right now you don't need your template any more. The actual final contour of the template you'll draw on the trace left from the initial one (below we drew maybe too gentle at first.. ) as you can see in the below images.

Step2. Brushing on the template's contour

The following steps you'll repeat them till the end of the brushing.
We used for this design the tip no.3 (Wilton). The royal icing is recommended to be of medium consistency.

So, first put some royal icing on a small area as it dries very fast.

Then, take a paint-brush or a simple brush that is thin and soft and put it in water, now remove the excess of it using a tissue.

As you can see below, start from one end and gently brush the royal icing cord by pulling gently towards the inside area of your shape, if you brush half or more of the its thickness it it fine, depends how "dirty" you want to look at the end.

Now, put the next line of royal icing, put the brush in water again, use the tissue for removing the excess of water, brush gently the royal icing cord and repeat all these steps till you'll finish all of it.

You're almost done but you may want add the final details as well for a more realistic look.

And in the end you get something like this :

I know, you might think "Okay, it's nice but looks kind of "dirty" and not so appealing..":)
Yeah indeed, at the first view it does..:) but after you finished all the brushing on your cake and make one step back and now look again at your cake you'll notice how original and cool look you got..

The brushing embroidery technique used for decorating the cake with flowers is absolutely amazing how nice can come out.

We hope you enjoyed this tutorial, please comment below if you have questions or just want to share your thoughts with us. Thank you.

Lovely creative cakes team